Metal creations

Discover our metal works of art that will impress your guests and visitors. Enhance your living or working space with our unique creations.

“The Milking Watch Cow”, two symbols representing Switzerland united in this metal Art Masterpiece imagined by us. This collector’s item is for sale, contact us if you are interested.

One of the most challenging projects we have achieved! Our customer asked us to create a masterpiece integrating small hard steel watch strap components manufactured in his factory, leaving us the choice of what the finished work would represent. We designed and created an amazing seahorse now proudly displayed in his company.

Inspired by “Jaws”, famous Spielberg movie in the 70’s, shark work of art customized for a German customer. Impressive very decorative creation, size 120 cm x 60 cm, made up of motorcycle and boat recycled parts. Each piece is unique and can integrate the components of your choice!

Another version delivered to Taiwan, proudly displayed at the company reception.

Project achieved for a Swiss customer. 6 unique pieces, all different, featuring recycled measuring instruments from their brand. These creations are exhibited in the entrance hall of their factories in Switzerland, as well as in showrooms in China, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Thailand. Visitors are all amazed by these artworks!

There are fewer than 400 North Atlantic right whales remaining, and any mortality of the species is a serious setback to rescuing the animals. This series called “Baby Whales” was intended to draw attention to this problem.

Do you like Hush Puppy dogs? These are made of metal, but they are very lovely!