About us

Waranya Chatsuttikulchai, Founder

“Art is both creation and recreation”

My name is Waranya Chatsuttikulchai, I am the founder of the Waranya’s Art Service in Bangkok Thailand. Nobody is a born artist, but if the passion exists, then you can belong to this creative world. Being engaged in artistic activities contributes for me to an “upward spiral” of positive emotions, it is also an exciting new challenge each time.

My talent is to have limitless imagination and to collaborate with local Thai artists who bring my ideas to life. Together we create unique metal masterpieces made of recycled objects, but also integrating particular pieces and components from our clients. These perfect pieces of art will enhance your space, at work or at home, and impress your guests.

We also offer art procurement service for worlwide customers. If you need help finding and choosing art objects at bargain price, we have relationships with a wide array of fantastic Thai artists.

We look forward to being creative for you!