We create unique artworks made with reconditioned items. Discover our fabulous metal creations. Displayed in your home, shop or company, they will impress your friends and clients. To make them even more exceptional, we can integrate your own parts and components into our creations. We give them the shape you like!

“Swiss milking watch cow” unique metal art Masterpiece

Original creation made with recycled metal elements

Customized fish integrating client own elements

Seahorse integrating stainless steel watch straps parts
Amazing seahorse integrating stainless watch straps parts

Impressive 1.2 meter shark

Lovely metal Hush Puppies dog

We export our creations worldwide by express courrier

Thailand is well-known for skilled artists and artisans creating high-quality and affordable original art. We export worldwide painting, sculptures, pottery, etc., to our international customers. Challenge us to find the original artworks you are looking for!

Keeping our eyes open for you! We can provide any kind of quality and original artwork from Thailand